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Chilli used as marinade for a stone bass risotto dish

Beetroot colours a risotto dish for grilled bass

Cooks of culinary spices thinking of how best to incorporate them into a risotto dish may wish to try a stone bass with beetroot risotto.

This meal was shared in the Guardian by head chef of London's Galoupet restaurant Chris Golding.

Chilli, mixed with the grated zest of three large oranges, sumac and olive oil, was used to marinade the fish.

For the risotto, Mr Golding recommended toasting the risotto rice and stirring in dry white wine, before ladling in warm chicken stock.

Beetroot puree is then introduced to the mixture with lemon zest, a knob of butter and grated aged sheep's ricotta.

The bass is seasoned with salt and pepper and grilled until almost done.

Mr Golding's serving tip involved spooning risotto onto warm plates with the grilled fish on top, garnished with wood sorrel.

Galoupet has received laudatory reviews from the Evening Standard and Stella magazine and offers a rotating wine list of 36 varieties.

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