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Chilli required for a prawn and leek fried rice recipe

Chillies offer a hot garnish for a fried rice dish

Chefs thinking of the culinary spices they can incorporate into a fried rice dish may wish to try a chilli garnish.

This has been suggested by Bill Granger, who shared his recipe for prawn and leek fried rice in the Independent.

"It's such a great way to use up leftovers," Granger said of the meal.

"The addition of some juicy, fat prawns here makes it a little bit more special if you're inviting friends over," he added.

Preparation involves stir-frying leeks and prawns in vegetable oil until the fish have turned pink, then removing in order to simultaneously fry and scramble eggs in the same wok.

After taking out these ingredients, garlic is placed on the heat, then the rice, followed by soy sauce and sesame oil.

The pre-cooked ingredients are then reintroduced to the pan for a few minutes before serving immediately garnished with chilli slices and spring onions.

An alternative use for this spice was recently proposed by head chef of London's Galoupet restaurant Chris Golding in the Guardian, who suggested it could be used as a marinade for a stone bass risotto.

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