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Children should be encouraged to cook

Children will be more prepared for later life if they are taught to cook

Chefs of inspirational recipes could use their skills to encourage children to cook, the comments of one expert suggest. 

Managing director of AVF Marketing and founder of Arnold Fewell suggested using locally sourced food and cooking with raw ingredients is beneficial to youngsters.

He explained this could help curtail an overreliance on convenience food that runs the risk of bringing about a loss of cookery skills.

"Actually learning to cook, to mix sauces from roux for example, to make pies from flour and learning to cook… are skills that will see them into later life," Mr Fewell remarked.

A joint approach from schools and parents was called for, particularly as food technology courses are falling out of favour in the national curriculum.

Celebrity chefs could be one source of inspiration for parents, as recent research conducted for the Birmingham Food Fest found four in ten mums use recipes and cookbooks from these individuals as guidance.

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