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Children gain teamwork skills from cooking

Children can work as a team thanks to cookery lessons

Chefs of creative cuisine could help to improve teamwork skills among children by teaching them how to cook.

This has been suggested by Arnold Fewell, managing director of AVF marketing and founder of, who claimed he saw this demonstrated at a school in Cheadle.

A scheme was begin run by the Academy of Culinary Arts for National School Meals week - Chefs Adopt a School - in which a professional cook was leading a session with kids.

Teamwork skills were developed as groups had to make a vegetable biryani together, asking questions, preparing the meal and washing up before packing the food away to be taken home.

"Before the session started the chef asked how many of them liked broccoli and how many liked sweetcorn et cetera and yet they all ate the vegetable biryani when it was cooked," the expert added.

Dietitian and founder of Nigel Denby recently stated it is vital children are taught to cook as they will gain skills that are vital for later life.

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