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Use culinary spices to enhance gingerbread this Christmas

Use culinary spices to enhance gingerbread this Christmas

Every year chefs and caterers are competing against one another with their Christmas menus.

Standing out from the crowd is the only way to really do this and one expert has suggested that culinary spices can help any gingerbread dish.

Food writer Trine Hahnemann, writing in the Telegraph, said making a gingerbread town will accentuate the true frivolity of the Christmas period.

She also suggested that using culinary spices such as ginger, cinnamon and cloves will help give that winning flavour over the festive season.

The expert advised adding the spices in as early as possible in order to give them a chance to really enthuse in the baking process.

Being versatile with your use of seasoning is key over the holiday season and our resident expert Chef Steve says the variable nature of culinary spices is the main reason the ingredients are among his favourites to use at any time of year.

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