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Spices should not be ruled out of sweet dishes

Spices are great in cakes

While many people will typically associate culinary spices with exotic curries, they do in fact present professional caterers with a much wider range of uses.

For instance, they can really add to a rich and comforting baked cake - and this is precisely the kind of dessert option that is typically a big hit with diners in the colder winter months.

Author of the Borough Market Cookbook Sarah Leahey Benjamin suggested using nutmeg and vanilla in a recipe for a baked whole pear cake.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, she explained that the use of whole pears makes it much faster to bring the cake together.

The expert added that nutmeg is by no means the only option when it comes to this kind of ingredient.

"If you use plums or apricots (stoned first), substitute ground cardamom or star anise for the nutmeg," she commented.

So chefs should not be afraid to try new combinations of herbs and spices to come up with something exciting!

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