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Serve beetroot in caraway soup

Caraway seeds taste great with beetroot

When looking to make something truly distinctive to offer your diners, why not try coming up with exciting new combinations of culinary herbs and spices?

Our resident expert Chef Steve says that this is one of his favourite ways to try and come up with new things - so follow his lead and give some thought to what properties of one ingredient can effectively complement the others.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger suggested adding beetroot and red cabbage to a soup made from caraway seeds.

This should fit the bill perfectly - and in an article for the Independent, Mr Granger also added the likes of pancetta and garlic to the recipe.

"There is so much going on in this bowl - the savoury richness of the smoked pancetta and beef stock, the sweet earthy beetroot and the unexpected bite of the cabbage," the expert commented.

His final recommendation was to serve up with sour cream and rye bread.

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