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Pre prepared herb and spice mixes are a great time saver

Pre prepared herb and spice mixes are a great time saver

Ready-mixed herbs and spices can really make your life easier as a cook.

It can be time-consuming - and a little daunting, at times - to create your own herb and spice combinations, so buying a batch of Madras hot curry powder or Indian curry recipe mix can be a real godsend for any chef.

The Indian curry recipe mix, for instance, contains a blend of herbs and spices designed to deliver tasty and wholesome meals that are sure to appeal to people all ages.

If comprises everything from chilli and coriander to tomato and mustard, and is also low in salt and high in iron.

Ben Ebbrell, head chef at online cookery hub SORTED, is one advocate of using this pre-prepared herb and spice mixes.

"If you buy a jar of Cajun spices or a curry powder or masala, yes it's a bit of a cheat but it's very easy. It takes the daunting nature of some recipes out of it," he explained.

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