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Create an aromatic broth with herbs

Herbs can make an aromatic soup

Culinary herbs are a key ingredient in a whole host of varied recipes - and they can be particularly popular with diners at this time of year.

This is because they can contribute to some dishes that can be very warming and comforting - the kind of thing that tends to be popular on dark and cold nights.

Author of the Curry Nation cookbook Madhur Jaffrey suggested using a selection of herbs and spices in a recipe for rice cooked with chicken in an aromatic broth.

In an article for the Guardian, she said that the meal is "not hot and spicy, just comforting and very aromatic with the flavours and smells of cardamom and cinnamon and fennel and cloves".

However, professional caterers would do very well to try and bring their own unique twist to the meal by coming up with exciting new flavour pairings of their own creation.

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