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Bread can be enriched with spices

Add spices to bread

When preparing simple side dishes such as bread - which is a staple addition to a soup starter - caterers would do well to try coming up with something innovative.

Founder of Virtuousbread Jane Mason said that sweet breads - adding flavourings like cardamom or cinnamon - are very popular.

The usefulness of culinary spices cannot be overstated, as they can bring something new to almost any dish.

Indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says that this kind of versatility is one of his very favourite things about the ingredients.

"I think different kinds of bread go brilliantly with different kinds of food," Ms Mason commented, adding: "A dark rye bread pairs perfectly with stronger flavours like smoked mackerel, smoked venison or a strong blue cheese."

So give some thought to the meal the bread is being served with - and don't be afraid to be imaginative when it comes to complementing the natural flavours with herbs and spices.

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