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Baked offerings can be very popular

Pies are very popular in the winter

Baked products may be more typically associated with high street vendors, but they can also be a very popular choice with the clientele of a restaurant.

This is particularly true throughout the winter season, as things like pies can be very comforting foods for diners who are coming in from the cold.

Jane Mason, founder of Virtuousbread, said that plenty of people think about cakes when it comes to baking.

However, she noted that this can lead to simple things like bread being overlooked.

Indeed, some warm, freshly-prepared bread could really give a luxury and rustic edge as a side serving to a starter option such as soup.

"Bread is delicious and wholesome, which means it is good for you to eat every day and not just as an occasional treat - so it is worth having a go," Ms Mason commented.

Furthermore, there is also plenty of scope for offering a distinctive flavour of bread with the judicious addition of culinary herbs.

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