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Add parsley to a risotto

Herbs are essential in risotto

Culinary herbs offer such a great range of benefits to the professional caterer - and one particular advantage offered by the ingredients is the fact that they can really bring out the natural flavours of other ingredients.

This kind of versatility is exactly why our resident expert Chef Steve says that he has such an unbridled passion for herbs and spices.

Indeed, these traits mean that they do particularly well in a meal like risotto - where the relatively long cooking time means that they really have the chance to infuse with the rest of the dish.

Chef patron at the Murano restaurant Angela Hartnett recommended adding parsley to a chestnut and gorgonzola risotto.

This could be hugely popular in the colder winter conditions, as in an article for the Guardian, Ms Hartnett said: "There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of risotto."

However, why not come up with a unique twist of your own invention? Bay leaves could prove to be effective.

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