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Try Jamie Olivers party all night pork

Jamie Oliver has shared a slow cooking pork recipe

A wide variety of culinary herbs are required for cooks who wish to try Jamie Oliver's "party-all-night pork" recipe.

The celebrity chef advised plenty of time for preparation when he shared the ingredients for the dish in the Daily Telegraph, as the meat needs to be cooked for eight to 12 hours.

Before placing the pork in the oven, coriander, fennel and salt are blended into a fine powder and this mixture is rubbed all over the meat, which is also sat on top of a tray of vegetables, garlic and thyme.

He recommended removing from the oven when soft and Oliver's final serving suggestion was to add bowls of salad to a table and leave guests to shred the pork into their own sandwiches.

Nigel Slater recently recommended an alternative method of preparing pork in the Observer, which involved cooking a lean joint with bay leaves and milk, which is curdled and trickled over the meal.

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