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Serve baked apple trifle for a Christmas pudding

Baked apples can be used to make a trifle for Christmas

Cooks looking for new flavour ideas for their Christmas dinners could try serving a baked apple trifle for a change from the traditional pudding.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater revealed his ingredients for this recipe as part of his Christmas menu in the Observer yesterday (November 13th).

Preparation involved baking apples until the fruit is fluffy and can be scraped out from its skin and core.

Panettone is then cut and shared between the relevant number of trifle glasses, with sherry spooned on top.

Custard is poured over this mixture - which Slater advised making with vanilla pods - and then the apples - stirred together with lemon zest and sugar.

Slater's serving suggestion was to top off with cream, grated citrus zest and pieces of shattered caramel.

Head chef of London's Galoupet restaurant Chris Golding recently suggested the use of vanilla pods in the preparation of a hazelnut cake suitable for all seasons.

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