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Make a Vietnamese pho with cinnamon

Flavour Vietnamese pho with cinnamon sticks

One culinary spice cooks could use when preparing Vietnamese pho is cinnamon.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger recommended this ingredient when he detailed his recipe for the dish in an article for the Independent.

First, fish sauce, honey, sea salt and soy sauce are blended together and steaks are left to marinate in this mixture.

A single cinnamon stick is added to a liquid of stock, fish sauce, ginger, lime juice, star anise, sugar and water, brought to the boil and left to simmer.

The prepared steaks are heated in a frying pan, with noodles being served across the required number of bowls.

Hot soup is ladled among the receptacles, with sliced steak and chopped chillies added before a scattering of beansprouts, coriander and lime halves.

Those who want a cinnamon-based drink to go with their meal could try Firefly Distillery's autumnal Igniter Martini cocktail, which involved combining two parts sweet tea-flavoured bourbon with a half part of cinnamon schnapps and a splash of cherry juice.

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