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Ginger and garlic used in miso pork ramen

Ginger and garlic can be used to flavour miso pork ramen

Culinary spices such as ginger can be used to prepare a miso pork ramen recipe, in addition to ingredients like garlic.

This is according to celebrity chef Bill Granger, who shared his ingredients for the recipe in the Independent.

Chilli paste is tossed in a bowl with leeks and set aside before garlic and ginger are fried in a pan with hot oil.

Pork is added until the meat turns a golden colour, with miso, sesame oil, soy, sugar and stock added before the liquid mixture is brought to the boil.

Noodles are shared among the required number of bowls with beansprouts and spinach.

The remaining ingredients are then poured on and topped with the chilli leeks.

Mr Granger recently recommended the use of the same flavourings to prepare curried potatoes in another article for the newspaper, describing it as "the perfect fridge-ends fricassee".

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