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Cider can prepare sweeter mussels

Try preparing mussels with cider rather than white wine

Cooks looking for new flavour pairings for seafood dishes may wish to consider combining mussels and cider.

Professional chef Angela Hartnett suggested this recipe in the Guardian and explained it produces a different flavour from the usual method of cooking with white wine.

"It is sweeter and goes beautifully with pancetta," she commented, suggesting diced salami trimmings or sliced apples as other possible alternatives.

The mussels need to be cleaned and left in cold water before cooking.

Onion, garlic and thyme are then heated in a deep pan with oil, before dropping the shellfish in for two minutes.

Cider is added to the ingredients, which are shaken in the pan and left for five minutes before any mussels that have not opened are discarded and the dish is served with chopped parsley.

Earlier this year, the Ledger advised the use of cider in a marinade for the preparation of jerk chicken, suggesting the wide range of ingredients can be adjusted according to personal taste.

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