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Chilli required for smoked lamb patties

Green chillies make a spice laden lamb patty

A variety of culinary spices are required to make smoked lamb patties recommended by Anirudh Arora and Hardeep Singh Kohli.

Cardamom, chillies, ginger, nutmeg and saffron were included in their recipe, which comes from the Food of the Grand Trunk Road cookbook and was shared in the Guardian.

Preparation involved mixing minced lamb, cashew nuts, garlic paste, ginger, green chilli paste, onion and papaya paste in a large bowl.

More spices - including chilli powder, nutmeg and saffron - are added while the lamb is being smoked.

A piece of charcoal is heated in a metal bowl and the ingredients are then transferred in to cook.

The mixture is divided into patties and cooked in a pan, while the chefs' final serving suggestion was to offer chopped tomatoes, cucumber and red onion with the meal.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger recently recommended the use of chilli for a prawn and leek fried rice recipe he had published in the Independent.

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