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Asian spices required for chutney recipes

Chutney can be made with a range of exotic spices

Cooks looking for flavour ideas involving Asian spices could try preparing Sri Lankan chutneys for appams.

These are a type of pancake and professional chef and food writer Alice Hart suggested this meal in the Daily Telegraph.

Coconut chutney involved putting pieces of the fruit through a blender and adding caster sugar, coriander, a clove of garlic, green chillies, mint leaves and tamarind paste to the mixture.

Further blending of these ingredients is required until it forms a condiment that is not a completely smooth paste.

Peach chutney was prepared by heating oil and onion in a frying pan and cooking chilli, ginger and mustard seeds.

The fruit is stirred in and the completed mix is seasoned with squeezed lemon juice.

Earlier this year, Rozanne Stevens suggested experimenting with cinnamon, cloves and ginger to make a chutney suited to any individual's tastes in an article for the Irish Independent.

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