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Unusual combos make for interesting meals

Unusual combos make for interesting meals

Once you get familiar with your culinary spices and feel confident about combining flavours you can really start to experiment.

The dishes that most often stand out at a dinner party are the ones that bring together often unrelated flavours to create a new taste sensation.

Some things will never go well together - oysters and marzipan is a definite no - but matching up wildly different ingredients often works well.

It pays to experiment a little in the kitchen and try your luck with sweet and savoury or salty and sour combinations.

One great example is adding some dried apricot to a beef and ale pie, which can give it a little lift and stop the gravy feeling a little heavy.

Or what about side-stepping the delicate herbs usually associated with fish cookery - such as dill and parsley - and using something a little more robust, like sage.

When you happen upon a winning combination, you can always write it down so your flirtation with the avant-garde is not lost.

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