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Seafood could be the perfect Jubilee offering

Bring new spices to a shellfish broth

With the Queen's Jubilee coming up this weekend, chefs up and down the country will be planning their special menu offerings.

Traditional dishes will undoubtedly be at the forefront of everyone's minds at a time like this, but this does not mean there is no room for a little experimentation.

In an article for the Guardian, head chef at the Blueprint Café in London's Shad Thames Jeremy Lee recommended a shellfish broth and mint chutney for the royal occasion.

Preparation involved the use of culinary herbs such as parsley, as well as cumin and coriander - and this is where caterer's can bring their own flair to a meal.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, we really advocate this kind of experimentation - and trying exciting new flavour pairings of culinary spices could really set your menu apart from the crowd.

Diners could also be impressed enough to keep coming back for more!

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