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Pasta with pesto is a child friendly favourite

Pasta with pesto is a child friendly favourite

Cooking for kids can be really tricky. You can use your finest culinary spices, buy in some really fresh ingredients only to hear that frustrating phrase 'I don't like it' – and that's before they have even tried it.

It can be really problematic when kids are particularly choosy about what they eat - they need the right balance of nutrients to help them grow after all.

But trying out dishes that you would not expect to win a child's approval can be just as good as cooking up something that you think is guaranteed to get them eating.

Green Pesto, for instance, can be a lifesaver. When kids are hungry they always want something right away and with a simple pasta pesto dish, you can have a meal ready in minutes. What's more, its a much healthier alternative to chips and turkey dinosaurs.

You could even use a simple tomato or cream sauce with parley and fish to provide speedy pasta dishes with plenty of variety.

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