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Pasta is a very customisable dish

Pasta offers a lot of scope for experimentation

When considering new flavour ideas for their menu offerings, professional caterers could do well to try adding their own unique twist to traditional recipes.

This approach is likely to be a big hit with diners, as they will be attracted to their old favourites at the same time as being intrigued about the new taste sensations on offer.

Pasta is a classic that offers a great deal of scope for this kind of experimentation - new combinations of culinary herbs can make a dish stand out from the crowd.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, we really advocate this kind of innovation with herbs and spices - indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says these possibilities are among his favourite characteristics of the ingredients.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, professional chefs Rosie French and Ellie Grace recommended the use of garlic with linguine - but why not try something much more adventurous?

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