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Passion in the kitchen as important as ingredients

Passion in the kitchen as important as ingredients

It was the Dalai Lama that said you should approach love and cooking with the same reckless abandon. And he had a point.

Cooking requires some top quality ingredients - that's a given - a selection of interesting culinary spices and a certain amount of flair.

Building up confidence in the kitchen takes time and requires plenty of practice. The more time you spend thickening goulash or roasting joints of meat the better you get at it.

Once you've got some signature dishes under your belt - and a bit of a knack for simple sauces and dressings - you can start combining flavours in new and interesting ways.

You should be delving into your spice cupboard and combining herbs like you have been a Michelin starred gastronomy expert for decades.

It is always good to take some pointers from celebrity chefs as well, as they can offer hints and tips on practically every aspect of cookery.

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