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Herbs can bring a salad to life

Herbs can bring a salad to life

Chefs looking for new ways to make their menu stand out from the crowd could try to bring a new twist to dishes they may take for granted.

For instance, it is possible to bring a new and unique twist to a salad by introducing new combinations of culinary herbs.

Here at Schwarz for Chef, we really advocate innovation and new ideas - indeed our resident expert Chef Steve says one of his favourite aspects of herbs and spices is the fact that they can be used to make meals really special.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, food writer and professional chef Diana Henry suggested adding garlic and basil to an asparagus, pea and crisped bread salad.

Caterers could take their lead from this kind of idea and offer their diners a new take on it by offering new flavour pairings of herbs - or even spices - to create a truly unforgettable side serving or light bite.

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