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Create a Moroccan salad with culinary spices

Spice up a salad with fennel

Culinary spices are a tremendously versatile ingredient that can turn the most basic ingredients into a truly inspirational recipe.

Our resident expert Chef Steve says this kind of versatility is one of his favourite aspects of the ingredients and really inspires him professionally.

He also says researching other culinary traditions is a great source of ideas and caterers can combine these two approaches.

In an article for the Independent, celebrity chef Bill Granger recommended using cumin, turmeric and coriander to marinade fish for a Moroccan salad.

Chefs can bring their own unique twist to dishes such as this by trying new flavour pairings.

Indeed, Mr Granger acknowledged that he has been a bit liberal in his definition of Moroccan.

"You probably won't find a Moroccan salad like this in Morocco - unless it's in someone's home and the cook is a bit experimental," he explained - so this really gives you scope for introducing new combinations of herbs and spices.

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