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Celebrate onions with a distinctive starter

Red onions have a natural sweetness

Culinary herbs have a great many uses and are widely celebrated for their ability to bring out the natural flavours of other ingredients.

Indeed, our resident expert Chef Steve says this is one of his favourite characteristics of the ingredients.

In an article for the Guardian, chef and patron of Ottolenghi and Nopi in London Yotam Ottolenghi recommended the use of parsley in a dish of baked red onions and walnut salsa.

He explained this makes a great starter and that the meal really accentuates the natural sweetness of the onions.

Mr Ottolenghi added that the mode of preparation - grilling or baking: "gives them enough individual character to take centre stage for a change."

A dish of this nature could really benefit from the addition of sundries from our Noel's range of speciality ingredients.

Of course, there is also plenty of scope for the caterer to bring their own twist to the meal by experimenting with new flavour pairings.

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