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Avoiding preservatives with home cooking

Avoiding preservatives with home cooking

Preservatives are commonplace in modern foodstuffs, but people are always advised to avoid them where possible.

High-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, dyes and artificial flavours can all be side-stepped.

The last one - artificial flavours - says it all. If you have the right culinary spices and a bit of kitchen know-how, you won't need to rely on artificial flavours.

As a result, your meals will be healthier and contain far more natural flavour.

In the US, the avoidance of preservatives has been dubbed 'unjunking', not least because junk food and takeaways are known for their reliance on high levels of salt, sugar and artificial additives.

Cooking at home, from scratch will help. You can never tell what things other people add to their signature dishes, but you decide what goes in your own.

Choosing fresh veg, unprocessed meat and simple culinary spices will ensure your food is preservative free.

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