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Add spices to a distinctive salad

Spices and sundries can bring a salad to life

When assembling a salad, it is very easy to fall back on staple dishes, continuing to offer diners the same options again and again.

However, salads leave a caterer plenty of room for innovation - and this need not be a difficult task.

Simply trying new combinations of culinary spices can bring a whole new twist to tried and tested methods of preparation - and can really make the side servings or starters stand out from the crowd.

In an article for the Independent, professional chef and editor of La Cucina Italiana magazine Mindy Fox recommended the use of juniper berries and cumin in a black bean salad with prawns and pickled onion.

Here at Schwartz for Chef, our Noel's range includes a wide selection of sundries such as onions, olives and gherkins that could be the perfect addition to this kind of meal - and it always pays to try adding your own flourish.

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