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Well rounded diet is core of good food says nutritionist

Functional foods cant replace a balanced diet say experts

Functional foods, such as pro-biotic yogurts, are good for you but are no replacement for a well-rounded diet, according to Foods for Life. 

Nutrition consultant Yvonne Bishop-Weston said that creative cuisine with healthy ingredients is the "core of what is good food".

"Although a lot of functional foods are excellent health enhancers, I do worry that [they're] increasing the feeling that we don't need to think about our diets or food, we can just put it in the manufacturers' hands," she explained.

Recent studies have found that herbs and spices have a host of health benefits, such as research at the University of Missouri, which suggests parsley has anti-cancer properties, and Kansas State University's claim that rosemary and coriander reduce carcinogens in cooked meats.

Ms Bishop-Weston warned that functional foods are a "quick fix" and called for a return to the "real basics of a proper balanced diet".

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