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Spain to trade cooking secrets with China

Spanish cuisine has a global influence

As far as creative cuisine goes, few countries are as unique and as popular as Spain and China which is why the two have decided to promote "culinary tourism".

Spain's Royal Academy of Gastronomy (RAG) and its Chinese counterpart will start the process with an information exchange, with the former pledging to open up its recipe books to the Asian superpower.

"Spain today has vast influence in the world of gastronomy, and we're going to aid the Chinese with all our 'know-how,'" commented Rafael Anson, president of RAG.

The group hopes to establish a new avant-garde cooking style in the vein of celebrated Michelin-starred Catalan chef Ferran Adria.

However, Mr Anson stressed that they don't intend to simply export Spanish cooking, using spices such as saffron and Spanish paprika, but instead want to help refine and modernise Chinese cuisine, which is more at home with ginger and cinnamon.

"We're not looking for anyone to copy Spanish cuisine… we want to see them become media stars like the Spaniards," Anson said.

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