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Herbs shake up crisps

Crisps increasingly feature complex herb mixtures

Culinary herbs and spices are starting to breathe new life into crisps, with creative recipes now being offered worldwide. 

According to a report by the Associated Press, thyme, rosemary, sea salt, and other kitchen staples have begun to find their way into crisps.

"What's been happening lately is there are more companies pushing interesting recipes," commented Jeremy Selwyn, from snack-food website

He adds: "Whatever crazy flavour you can think of, someone will try to make a [crisp] out of it someday."

The change has been more drastic in North America than other regions, due to its formerly traditional approach to the popular snack.

"There's a lot of new things going on," explained Steve Sklar, executive vice-president of marketing for Inventure Foods, a leading crisps maker.

"We find when you're snacking, people want to have a distinctive flavour… We have jalapeno cheddar, which has got good balance, but it clearly is spicy."

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