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Coriander is binding element in spice mix says expert

Coriander can act as a binding herb in spice mixes

Herb and spices expert Ian Hemphill has described coriander as the "Swiss army knife" of culinary spices.

The author of the Spice and Herb Bible praised the herb, saying it is in a lot of blends due to it being an "amalgamated spice" that binds flavours together.

"It is a spice that will blend beautifully with other flavours and help bring them together. You'll find it in almost every curry and a lot of spice blends," he told ABC

Coriander's versatility comes from the fact that every part of it is used, from leaf to seeds, with varying results.

Mr Hemphill revealed that while the spice was traditionally associated with hot foods it had wider applications.

He said that when he makes a sweet mixed spice with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and ginger he will also use ground coriander seeds because it will "help to bring those flavours together".

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