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Spices can make croquettes truly memorable

Spices can be added to potatoes and parsnips for croquettes

Culinary spices can be used to make a difference to the blandest dish, but when added to a food such as croquettes, they can create something that is truly memorable.

McCormick's resident expert Chef Steve says the ability to really accentuate and bring out the natural flavours of other ingredients is one of his favourite things about culinary herbs and spices.

This is definitely something worth thinking about when selecting ingredients for croquettes and celebrity chef Nigel Slater suggested parsnips and potatoes.

In an article for the Guardian, he noted the use of spices helps to make the most of the natural sweetness offered by parsnips.

He advised melting ground cumin in a pan with butter, paprika and the selected ingredients in a pan, before beating into a mash.

"A while in the fridge to firm up might be frustrating when we are waiting for our dinner, but will help the fritters keep their shape," he commented.

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