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Spice up a stir fry with paprika

What spices do you choose for stir fries

Culinary spices are essential for bringing new flavours to a wide range of recipes, not least of which is the stir-fry.

These dishes are simple to prepare, which means they lend themselves very well to menu offerings of all sizes - from larger quantities for big groups to light bites for lunch.

They are also highly customisable, meaning they can be adjusted to suit vegetarians or fans of all kinds of meat.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater suggested the use of chorizo in an article for the Guardian, complementing with cabbage and prawns or crayfish tails.

He noted the chorizo is best cooked slowly, so its paprika-scented oils can infuse into the other ingredients.

Chef Steve - McCormick's resident expert - says one of the best things about spices is their ability to bring out the flavours of other elements of a dish.

As a result of this, a chorizo meal could effectively be made a little hotter with the addition of more paprika for those who prefer a spicier recipe.

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