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Oregano adds a twist to moussaka

Herbs work wonders on dishes like moussaka

Moussaka is one dish that really benefits from the addition of culinary herbs or spices while preparing the meal.

Celebrity chef Nigel Slater recommended the use of oregano - or alternatively garlic - in an article published in the Guardian.

He suggested placing the dried herb in with the lamb, adding that a glass of red wine is also a good option for those who wish to ready a richer version of the recipe.

Other tricks the expert noted will give the meal an edge was to drain fried aubergines on paper before introducing them to the mix.

This will help to stop the meal becoming too greasy as they will be able to relax, especially if they are also drained in a heavily salted colander.

Herbs are noted for their ability to bring out the natural flavours of other foods, so this could really intensify an offering that could turn out bland if it is not handled well.

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