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Indian spices flavour a wholesome cabbage dish

Cabbage really benefits from being cooked in spices

One of the most convenient things about culinary spices is the fact that they can be used to bring out the natural flavours of almost any other ingredient.

This is particularly the case when using them in creative and unusual flavour pairings and caterers can always take tips from other chefs and experiment with what works.

Celebrity chef Bill Granger suggested the use of cloves, coriander and cumin to make a spiced vegetable meal.

He described this offering as a "super-simple and wholesome cabbage dish [that] also works brilliantly if you want to stretch out an Indian take-away, sans the chops".

Preparation involved grilling lamb chops in the spices, adding mustard and garlic to really intensify the flavours.

The cabbage is added after this and fried in a splash of water for a short time - until it just starts to turn tender and begins to catch here and there.

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