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Chinese noodles require culinary spices

Chillies are great in noodle dishes

Culinary spices are an essential ingredient in the preparation of Chinese-based noodle dishes.

There are many benefits offered by spices, not least of which is the ability to adjust recipes to create whole new meals through different flavour pairings.

This means almost any suggestion can be tweaked according to the individual taste of the caterer or even their diners.

In an article for the Independent, celebrity chef Bill Granger recommended the use of chillies and curry powder to create a Chinese-inspired kitchen sink noodle meal.

Professionals following this advice could find it particularly useful, as it can be made from almost anything that is leftover in the kitchen.

Granger's preparation technique involved mixing oyster sauce, rice wine and soy sauce with a drop of water to splash in the wok.

His preferred meat was chicken and prawns, but this is also customisable - so it is easy to switch to vegetables to cater for all tastes.

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