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Spices give a new taste to stir fried mushroom dish

The mushroom dish contains spices

Chefs searching for a new way to use the ingredients they have in store for making Indian recipes may wish to try out a spicy stir-fry mushroom dish that is a favourite of one food writer.

Kelly Rossiter, writing for Treehugger, explained the culinary herbs and spices add "a bit of a twist" to the mushrooms, which can be served either on toast as a main meal or as a side dish.

Ms Rossiter recommended using fresh curry leaves in the recipe, but said basil is an adequate replacement if these are not available.

Cayenne pepper, garlic, chopped parsley and fennel seeds are also required and the dish is relatively easy to make, as the ingredients are simply added to a large frying pan and stir-fried along with the mushrooms.

Spices can also be incorporated into soup, another vegetarian dish.

Karlynn Johnson recently wrote for the Edmonton Journal that she uses cardamom and garam masala when preparing a meal for her son, who does not like eating meat.

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