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Spices can jazz up new meals

Spices could help make healthy dishes tasty

Those wanting to change their diet for the better in the new year should turn to their stock of spices if they are stuck for ideas, it has been suggested.

In an article published by the Toronto Sun, Rita Demontis, national food editor for the QMI Agency, said eating more healthily is likely to be a goal for many in 2011.

And herbs and spices could assist with doing this, she observed, as they can be used to "jazz up" any new meals that contain fewer calories and less fat.

"Look in your herb and spice drawer for inspiration," she remarked, adding people wanting to change their diet and eat more healthily should be committed to doing so, as many set themselves the target of cutting out calories over a short period of time, "without thinking of the long-term ramifications".

One thing to check when digging into the spice cupboard is the age of the ingredients, as Noelle Carter of the Los Angeles Times recently explained many spices begin to lose their flavour after a couple of years.

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