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Spices bring flavour to unusual chicken dish

Spices bring flavour to unusual chicken dish

People who like to try adventurous recipes may be tempted by one dish that involves an unusual combination of ingredients.

Writing for the Associated Press, J M Hirsch described how to make a dish using chicken and a blend of Egyptian-style spices.

The skinless, boneless meat is pan fried and served over crusty bread spread with hummus before being topped with a chopped, hard cooked egg.

This is all brought to life using ground cumin, whole black peppercorns, smoked paprika, sesame seeds and ground black pepper.

"It probably sounds a little unusual, but the result is tremendously good," the author stated. "I've served it to numerous people who were sceptical, but quickly won over."

They described how the recipe makes "entree-sized portions" and can be easily adapted to form a starter.

Many people may be keen to make their own hummus for this dish and Angie McGowan recently claimed in an article for the Babble blog that cumin, paprika and surmac can be used to add extra flavour to the spread.

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