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Spice prices on the rise

Spice prices are increasing

Poor harvests and natural disasters have prompted a surge in the prices of herbs and spices, experts have noted.

The Independent reports values of some culinary spices have risen more than ten times over the past half-decade and curry magnate Sir Gulam Noon was quoted by the news source as saying that increase is a global phenomenon.

"I hope it's a short-term thing but sometimes prices don't come down again," he remarked.

Nutmeg crops were affected by hurricanes in the West Indies, while chilli harvests in India suffered due to erratic monsoons.

Cardamom crops were reduced by heavy rains in Sri Lanka and cumin, which has commanded a relatively high price in recent years, is still expensive because of high demand in India.

The popularity of herbs and spices may be partially due to a desire to eat healthy, creative cuisine.

Harriet Brinsden of Consensus Action on Salt and Health recently noted they are ideal replacements for salt when cooking dishes.

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