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Spice advice provided by Mr Food

Chefs may wish to check their spice use by dates

Professional cooks seeking spice advice may wish to consider replacing their bottled dry products every two years, as recommended by TV chef Mr Food, also known as Art Ginsburg.

The gastronome explained that as air is let into the jars over time, culinary spices can lose their taste, suggesting that people attach labels to the bottles detailing expiration dates if the contents have been transferred to decorative pots, ABC30 reports.

He also proposed storing herbs and other items away from light and heat, in a bid to prolong their lifespan.

"Another freshness indicator is that most spices have a bright, rich colour and a strong aroma when we open the bottle. If either seems weak, it's time to replace it," Mr Food observed.

No doubt some people in the UK could benefit from following such advice, as a recent survey from My Kitchen Table - as featured by the Daily Express - revealed that the country as a whole has 221 million products in its cupboards that are out of date.

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