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Smoked Spanish paprika is a versatile spice

Smoked Spanish paprika can be added to many foods

The versatility of smoked Spanish paprika means it deserves a place in a kitchen's spice rack, one write has suggested.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Robert Rosenthal noted he uses the spice, also known as pimenton, to add a Spanish zest to many dishes.

It can improve the flavour of meats, dressings, eggs and potatoes, Mr Rosenthal observed, stating one of his preferred uses for the spice is to mix it in with chickpeas, before adding olive oil and salt and toasting them to serve up as a pre-dinner snack.

Mr Rosenthal also spoke in favour of herbs de Provence, which originate from the south-west of France.

The blend of herbs such as rosemary, fennel, basil, lavender and marjoram is suited to fish, vegetables, potatoes and roast chicken, he commented.

Herbs and spices can do more than just add flavour to a dish, as Hannah Brinsden of Consensus Action on Salt and Health recently noted they are viable substitutes for salt in meals.

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