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Saffron is not just for rice

Saffron can be used in more than just rice

Saffron has a variety of different applications and is not limited to being a spice that adds flavour to rice.

This is according to Aida Khan, a writer for the Dawn Blog, who admitted she had not considered incorporating it into anything other than rice until she met an Iranian woman who explained its range of uses.

Putting a pinch of the spice in a cup of tea can improve on a "mundane" drink, Ms Khan observed, while incorporating a few strands into pasta recipes will "transform a basic Alfredo sauce into an exotic creation".

However, she warned against using too much of the substance, noting this can be counterproductive as it results in a taste that is "almost medicinal".

In a recent article for the McClatchy Tribune, Carole Kotkin explained saffron's bright yellow colour and intense flavour are two reasons why the spice is every-popular among cooks.

She advised people to check the date of saffron that has been on their spice rack for some time, as it can lose its flavour after a few years.

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