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Herbs perfect for winter meals

One writer has advised using herbs in winter dishes

Herbs are great for livening up winter dishes and should be used "enthusiastically" when cooking in the colder months.

At least this is the view of Daily Telegraph writer Francine Raymond, who explained cooks should go further than adding "the usual solitary decorative sprig" when making a meal.

"Try to imagine your winter landscape without the colour, texture and perfume of rosemary, sage, thyme and bay," she remarked.

Ms Raymond suggested adding rosemary to meat and fish dishes or mixed roast vegetables, while sage is "delicious" when added to mushrooms, garlic, pine nuts and pared lemon rind and served with game or poultry.

Bay leaves can be eaten fresh, she observed, adding that when added to a jam jar full of sugar, they can be used to add flavour to rice puddings.

The Guardian recently advised freezing fresh herbs, such as dill, basil and chives, as they retain most of their flavour when stored this way.

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