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Herbs and spices a viable alternative to sodium

Spices may be an alternative to salt

Cutting down on table salt and using more herbs and spices are two of the best ways to reduce the amount of sodium in foods, one clinical dietician has suggested.

In an article for Penn Live, Diane Harris explained many people consume more salt than they should, partially because they add more of the ingredient to dishes when they are at the dinner table.

"There is enough sodium in our food supply naturally and artificially that we do not need extra salt," she remarked, adding people who find their home-cooked meals lack flavour after they reduce the amount of salt they add should consider using more herbs and spices.

"They are a wonderful way to flavour foods without sodium or added calories," Ms Harris explained, highlighting rosemary, thyme and sage are all good ingredients to include in a meal.

Her comments echo those recently made by Hannah Brinsden of Consensus Action on Salt and Health, who stated there are many simple ways of making a dish taste great without relying on salt, such as adding spices, black pepper or lemon juice.

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