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Herbs and spices a great salt replacement

Herbs can be used as a replacement for salt

Those looking to cut down on the amount of salt in their diet will find herbs and spices are an adequate replacement, one nutritionist has claimed.

Hannah Brinsden of Consensus Action on Salt and Health noted there are "so many simple ways" of improving the flavour of a dish without adding salt.

"Herbs, spices, lemon juice and black pepper can all make your meals taste great," she remarked.

The adult recommended daily allowance for salt is 6g per day and Ms Brinsden advised people to make a conscious effort to avoid adding salt to their meals when they are cooking, adding doing so will help them "learn to appreciate the real taste of food".

Ms Brinsden made the comments after the release of a study by University College London, which revealed some popular dishes at African and Caribbean restaurants in the capital can contain as much salt as over 30 packets of ready salted crisps.

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