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Garam masala used in yoghurt and lamb cutlet recipe

Nigel Slater describes garam masala as a gentle earthy spice

People who enjoy adding culinary spices to their dishes may want to try one recipe that makes use of garam masala.

Published in the Guardian, Nigel Slater has described how to make lamb cutlets with yoghurt and mint.

First, a selection of ingredients including cumin seeds, lime juice, groundnut oil, chilli flakes and garlic are combined with yoghurt.

Garam masala, ground turmeric and coriander, salt and black pepper are then added before the mixture is spread over the lamb cutlets and left to marinade overnight.

Slater, who has written seven cookery books and presents Simple Suppers on BBC 1, then suggested grilling the meat for three to four minutes until the yoghurt forms a golden yellow crust.

He added that garam masala is a "gentle, earthy spice mix" that can vary significantly depending on its source - thus creating a "little excitement" in dishes.

Furthermore, the flavour it brings to a recipe can vary depending on when it is added during the cooking process.

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