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Freeze herbs to retain flavours

Freezing herbs can help them keep their flavours

One kitchen tip that every chef should know is that of freezing herbs, it has been revealed.

Many cooks will use a mixture of fresh herbs and dried herbs, which can prove to be a convenient, cost-effective and time-efficient way to add flavour to dishes.

According to the Guardian, freezing is best carried out with parsley, dill, basil and chives for those chefs who have access to fresh herbs.

"They retain most of their vibrant flavour and hardier herbs such as rosemary and thyme can practically be interchanged for fresh ones," the newspaper advised.

Herbs can be chopped and placed into ice cubes with chicken broth, which can then be used in rice pilafs, soups and vegetable sautes.

However, it added that parsley and basil can turn mushy when frozen.

And of course, busy chefs who do not have time to use fresh herbs and spices - instead choosing to spend longer on fresh meat and vegetables - may find dried herbs just as tasty.

Katie Scarvey, recently writing for US newspaper the Salisbury Post, said garam masala is a vital spice for mulligatawny soup, which is an ideal winter dish, something catering professionals may already be aware of.

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